International Gospel Event 2008
CLICK - Latter House Gospel Choir
CLICK - Coire Tanzschule / Dance School
Harald Eckert
Harald Eckert
Israel Aktuel
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Moderatorin Barbara Zahn with musican Foster Agbor
Moderatorin Barbara Zahn with Pastor Paul Gerstetter
Moderatorin Barbara Zahn with Harald Eckert
No fairytail sums up the town of Dachau better that the story of Cindarella. A place which is overtaken by circumstances then lands up in the cellar.

Whereas her sister Munich can leave behind her infamous past, have a ball and enjoy a reputation as one of the fun towns of the world, poor Dachau is left in the cellar as the icon of Nazi terror. She faces her history every day.

But the good news is that it isn't going to stay like that. There is a Prince is here and he will lift her out. The Prince is called Jesus. Try as she may, the town cannot change her image by herself, it will take a miracle. But Jesus is the man of miracles. He will do it. We don't just forget the past, but we become aware that God is doing something new.

As singer Sally O'Connor said,
"You have to say: Yes this is part of my history, but look, Jesus is doing something beautiful in me!"