Dachau - A Jew's eye View
"While we were ministering in Germany in 1998 our lives changed forever. During a church worship service in the Black Forrest I, Carolyn heard in my spirit the sound of blood crying out from the ground. I knew it was the blood of my Jewish people crying out vengeance. But then, as though from above I heard G-d(1) say "Forgive these German Christians through Yeshua(3) (Jesus) because they have truly repented."  Though initially reluctant to forgive them, I finally did, then, in that service people began to weep and fall to the ground. "It was a truly wondrous sight to see such genuine repentance and the Spirit of G-d falling so sweetly."
When we returned to America G-d started to speak to us in the night: "Munich! go to Munich." he said.  He said that when we would go, he would even give us songs to sing there.  We felt like the prophet Jonah
(4) at first, not wanting to go where G-d wanted us to go, but you know, it is never a good idea to fight against G-d, He always wins. After two years of struggling, we finally answered this call from G-d and moved to Germany including all of our five children. 
When we first moved to Munich it was a real struggle to find housing. We would have found it much sooner but upon arrival in Germany, I heard the L-rd say to me, "Now that you're here, I want you and your family to come and worship me in Dachau for 7 days."  I had grown up in a typical Jewish home and because of the Holocaust I was raised with a real hatred for Germany. So the L-rd had to perform his kind of 'heart surgery' on me.  But our situation got so bad that we were almost ready to leave Germany because we had no where to live. When I finally told Richard what the L-rd had said about going to Dachau he quickly found a hotel in the Altstadt
(5) of Dachau so we could worship Adonai(6) every day in the hotel, streets and parks.  
Once we arrived in Dachau, we were surprised to find that it was a beautiful little town with charming old buildings, gabled roofs and cobblestone streets.  One would have never imagined that such atrocities had been committed there.  We felt our purpose was spiritual and not physical because the Scripture says "We fight not against flesh and blood but against spirits and principalities in high places."
Armed with a guitar, a shofar
(8) and our voices to raise praise to the Almighty G-d of Israel, we went through the streets of Dachau. We started at the highest place in Dachau, the Schloss(9), which overlooks the town.  From there we let His praise ring throughout the city. Several times we even blew the shofar in front of the Rathaus!(10) Richard blasted the shofar and we would lift praise to G-d with all our might, announcing Yeshua's dominion over the city.  If the weather was so poor that we could not go outside we opened the windows of our hotel and sang so His praise would permeate the city. Two times while prayer-walking in Dachau, I had a vision of what looked like gold glitter falling from heaven and had a sensation of unspeakable joy.  I was totally amazed and thought that I must be going crazy.  After all, how could I as a Jew feel such joy in a place like Dachau? And yet there it was!
On the seventh day in Dachau, everything fell into place beautifully.  We found our house: a large home with 10 rooms, 2 offices, a sauna and a living room that could hold 100 people!  From there we began to celebrate Shabbat
(11) and the Biblical Feasts and many people came to worship, to study and to find Salvation in Yeshua.
In Pfaffenhofen we celebrated the Passover in the Bortenschlager Hotel. The Bortenschlager had been owned by Sebastian Niedermayr who was the Nazi mayor of Pfaffenhofen from  1933-1935 and 1940-1941
(12). It was good to take back the ground, declaring in word and song that the G-d of Israel lives!  Am Yisrael Chai!  - The People of Israel live! 
One of the highlights of our time in Germany was teaching Jewish life and culture in the state schools
(13).  Many times the Holy Spirit fell in such a way that we prayed with the children in their classrooms to ask Yeshua into their hearts.  In fact, we have made several trips from Israel to Germany recently and continue to minister in the schools where children have embraced Yeshua during our classes. Even as Jews, it is important that we major on Jesus not just Judaism. Praise G-d that he is in the process of breaking strongholds over Germany and the nations concerning the House of Israel!"

1) I grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home and we wrote "L-rd" and "G-d" without the vowels because of reverence for the name of G-d. If His name was written on something and it got destroyed then His name would not be defiled.
2)"Aliyah" means the return of the Jewish people from the Despora to their homeland, Israel. It is mentioned over 65 times in the Scripture!
3) Yeshua = Hebrew word for Jesus. Yeshua means salvation.
4) In the Bible, book of Jonah, Ch 1.2
5) Altstadt = Old Town
6) Adonai = L-rd
7) Ephesians, Ch 6.12
8) The shofar is the ancient ram's horn trumpet of the Hebrews.
9) Schloss = Castle
10) Rathaus = Town Hall
11) Shabatt = Sabbath (Saturday)
12) Ref. "Pfaffenhofen unterm Hakenkreuz" by Herrn Reinhard Haiplik
13) In Germany, unlike some heathen countries, it is possible to talk about Bible in state schools - they have learnt the hard way!

A brief introduction: 

Richard was born in 1954 in Texas. After graduating from Oral Roberts University, he went into missions for 5 years in Europe and Asia, planting congregations among indigenous believers.  He was the founding elder and Torah teacher of Beth Simcha Messianic Congregation in San Antonio from 1990- 2000.  Currently he is the owner of Maoz Appraisals in San Antonio, TX, and the director of Heart of G-d Ministries, helping to establish congregations in Israel.
Carolyn was born in 1951 in Illinois. She graduated from University of Illinois and practised nursing for many years. She led worship at Beth Simcha for 10 years and has served as Worship Chair for the UMJC, Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations.  She has written and recorded many worship songs in English and Hebrew and has 2 CD's "Hear from Heaven" and "He Will Appear".  She is currently serving as a worship leader in Israel.

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God gives grace for Jews to love Dachau

Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise.
 Isaiah 60.18

In 2000 the L-rd(1) called Richard and Carolyn Hyde and their family to move from America to Germany and work in a reconciliation ministry between Germans and Jews. And in 2003 he called them to make the Aliyah(2) and return to Israel where they live in Galilee, near Tiberias.
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